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Upcoming ICAP Events


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Elevating Members:

Business Series - February call to be announced.

Coaching Q&A Call - February call to be announced.

Emerging Members:

Bi-annual call - To be announced.

The ICAP Business Series and Group Coaching Q&A calls are available to ICAP Elevating members only. To learn about the benefits of membership, click here. 

Previous PQ Café guests and topics have included:

10/08 – Gloria Hansen, Digital Essentials for Quilters
11/08 – Ann Anderson, founder, Publish Your Patterns!
12/08 – Linda Taylor, Starting a Longarm Business
01/09 – Maria Peagler, Mastering Color
02/09 – Jane Hall and Scott Murkin, Judging
03/09 - Jake Finch, Writing for Publication
04/09 – Morna McEver Golletz, Creating Your Marketing Strategy
05/09 – Lois Hallock, Designing Your Perfect Studio
06/09 – Bonnie McCaffery, Use Video to Promote Your Business
08/09 – Debbie LaChusa, Making Work at Home Work for YOU
09/09 – Debra Lipp, Get Organized, Finally!
10/09 - Mary Kerr, Appraisals: What You Need to Know
11/09 - Laura Cater-Woods, A Glimpse into the Life of a Successful Working Artist
12/09 - Meredith McEver, Managing Stress During the Holidays and Beyond

01/10 - Deb Roberts, Travel Tips for Quilters

02/10 - Marcia Hoeck, How to Get More Done AND Make More Money: 5 Simple Steps to Find, Hire and Partner With the Perfect Virtual Assistant
03/10 - Mindy Wylie Casperson, 5 things You Should Know Before You Buy a Longarm
04/10 - Lisa Call - Using Social Networking to Grow Your Quilt Business
05/10 - Morna McEver Golletz - Time Mastery
05/10 - JJ Virgin, IAPQ Member Bonus Call: Five Simple Ways to Lose Fat and Build Profits
06/10 - Karen Lamarek Wilson, How To Recognize/Develop Your Intuition for your Quilt Business
07/10 - Sheri McConnell, Why Knowing Your Why is So Important!

08/10 - Michelle DeKinder-Smith, How Your Entrepreneurial Type Affects Your Business Growth
09/10 - Jane Dávilá, quilt artist
10/10 - Tamara Gold: Illuminating Beauty™
11/10 - Alex Anderson, Teaching Quiltmaking
12/10 - Linda P. Jones, The 8 Steps to Wealth

01/11 - Morna McEver Golletz, Setting and Achieving Goals
02/11 - Ricky Tims, Running a Quilt Business & Hosting a Retreat

03/11 - Marci Baker, CEO, Alicia's Attic  (Tools & Designs to Simplify Your Quilting Techniques
04/11 - Tara Reed, How to Be a Press-Friendly Artist
05/11 - Shelly Stokes, Working with distributors
06/11 - Morna McEver Golletz, Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy
07/11 - Gyleen Fitzgerald, book publishing
08/11 - Daphne Greig and Susan Purney Mark of Patchwork Studios talk about the challenges and joys of a partnership.
09/11 - Pat LaPierre, inventor of the Supreme Free-Motion Slider
10/11 - Lesley Riley, founder of
11/11 - Margaret Miller, founder of
12/11 - Mindy Wylie, PQ Longarm Forum Columnist

01/12 - Morna McEver Golletz, Annual Goal Setting and Achieving Call
02/12 - Suzanne Tregenza Moore, Founder of The Implementation Station talks about finding and hiring the right Virtual Assistant
03/12 - Debbie Wendt, Founder of talks about her longarm business which included customer quilts, pattern design, books and show vending
04/12 - Andrea Funk, Creator of the of Too Cool T-Shirt Quilt® discusses her book How to Make a Too Cool T-shirt Quilt® and franchising her business
05/12 - Janice Pope, creative mind behind Anything But Boring, discusses her passion for projects that not only look great, but solve the everyday problems of contemporary life
06/12 - Kathie Alyce, quilt pattern designer, founder of Waterfall Quilts and author of Flip Flop Block Quilts
07/12 - Eileen Doughty, Art Quilter and founder of Doughty Designs
08/12 - Sue Bleiweiss, artist, author, teacher and founder of
09/12 - Christine Gallagher, founder of
10/12 - Shelly Stokes on Trash the Trade Show Trauma
11/12 - Dr. Lorraine Maita on Balancing Your Health and Well-Being1/ as a Creative Entrepreneur
12/12 - Maggie Mayer, CPA on Saving Money on Your 2012 Taxes and What To Expect in 2013, along with tips on "How To Audit Proof Your Business."

01/13 - 2013 Goal Setting
02/13 - Joan Ford, Founder of, author of ScrapTherapy® and Cut the Scraps! Discussion about how quilters can relieve the guilt of growing scrap stashes.
03/13 - Val Schlake, owner of Virginia Longarm, chats about starting a longarm business, and her recent Birds of a Feather conference that focused on the art of longarm machine quilting. 
05/13 - Jane Lovas with Lovas Consulting and Author of "Put Your big girl Panties on and Kick Your Fears in the Ass." 
06/13 - Mimi Dietrich, Teacher of the Year 2013!
07/13 - No Business Series Call
08/13 - Rhonda Pierce, Marketing Director with Schmetz Needles
09/13 - Brenda Miller of Among Brenda's Quilts
10/13 - Kay Campbell
11/13 - David Koehser, Attorney at Law, Disccusses Copyright
12/13 - No Business Series Call

01/14 - 2014 Goal Setting Call
02/14 - Samantha Bennett, Author of Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a day
03/14 - Amy Milne, Executive Director of Quilt Alliance
04/14 - Alyssa McCoy, Checker Distributors
05/14 - Jacquie Gering, 2014 Quilt Teacher of the Year!
06/14 - Celine Perkins, Pattern Maker and Speaker 
07/14 - No call
08/14 - Luna Jaffe, author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom and Wild Money: A Financial Field Guide and Journal
09/14 -
Karen Eckmeier with The Quilted Lizard: How to Self-Publish Books and Patterns.
10/14 - Eric Maisel, Creativity Coach.
11/14 - Marney Makridakis, founder of Artella Land, an online creativity community, and author of Hop, Skip, Jump.
12/14 - No Call.

01/15 - Sam Shelley, author of I Don't Dwell. The conversation focused on mindfulness and creativity.
02/15 - Stacey Martino, Love and Passion coach.
03/15 - Liz Kettle. 
04/15 - Susan Emory with Swirly Girls Design chatted about pattern designing, Susan’s former role as a quilt shop owner, and the industry.
05/15 - Kate Colleran with Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs. We talked about pattern publishing, Kate's new book with her business partner Elizabeth Balderrama, and what she saw at Quilt Market.
06/15 - Guest Chris Smith of Reap as You Sew
07/15 - Guest Daphne Greig of Patwork Studios.
08/15 - No Call
09/15 - Guest Glad Doggett, Glad Doggett Media. Chated about content creation.
- Guest Ebony Love of LoveBug Studios, and her Cut. Quilt. Love. Philosphy.
11/15 - Jamie Kalvestran,of Topic: Textile Design and licensing.

01/16 - Elevating Members Business Coaching Call
01/16 -
Elevating Members Business Series Call, Morna and Andrea Funk, owner of Too Cool
Shirt Quilts, Topic: blogging and its importance in your marketing plans.
01/16 - Bi-annual Emerging Members Coaching Call
02/16 - Elevating Members Coaching Call

03/16 - Elevating Members Business Coaching Call
03/16 - Lisa Archer, owner and creative director at Pickle Pie Designs and a Bernina spokesperson.
04/16 - Judy Gula, owner of Artistic Artifacts, offers creative finds for creative minds
05/16 - Salt Lake City's Quilt Market Roundup discussion.
06/16 - Kelly Ann Richardson's,
discussion included the realities of owning a quilt shop.
07/16 - No Calls
08/16 - Elevating Members Q&A Coaching Call.
08/16 - New*** Training Webinar:
09/16 - Elevating Members Coaching Call
09/16 - Training Webinar: Quilt Market Lecture: Working Smarter
10/16 - Elevating Members Coaching Call
10/16 - Business Coaching Call postponed
11/16 - Business Coaching Call
11/16 - 
Facebook Live Event with Andrea Funk - November 22. Topic: "I Need to Be Blogging."
12/16 - Webinar: Ebony Love - December 13. Topic is "Vimeo: Uploading, Sharing and Protecting Content."
01/17 - Webinar: Justin Krane - January 10. Topic: "4 Simple Strategies for Positive Cash Flow for Creatives."
01/17 - Business Coaching Call - Monthly for all Elevating Members
01/27 - Business Coaching Call - Biannually for all Emerging Members








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